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PEACOCK by RadiusZero
Some stuff comes to me in the most unexpected ways (in a Cracker Barrel restaurant of all places :D ). The reason behind it slowly unveiled itself during the process of this. I'd gotten an emotion from it. As I investigated it further I was surprised by what I found.

Younger, I used to think all artists had to come up with a theme/concept prior to working on the piece. But I realized that artists can be explorers too. We can go with our gut instinct, paint the piece, and slowly unravel the meaning of it as we continue to explore that artwork. I won't write what I found here. Rather, I'll let you the viewers come up with your own interpretations. :)
Mameha by RadiusZero
(UPDATED: I decided to tweaks the colors. I like the colorful look better :) )

Oi, I haven't done art in a whole year. O_O Been writing a lot this year but I really need to kick the art muse into gear. So I started out with an original character I created for one of those fanfic stories. :meow:

Her name is Mameha. No one messes with Mameha. Everyone is afraid of the stone-cold, elegant swordsman who rarely speaks and has a knack at splitting anything that walks or crawls in half. Even with only one eye left, she's every bit of a killing machine people fear. When Mameha does speak, she has nothing but scornful, humiliating words to say. Not a nice woman. :P However, she is one day assigned as mentor for a very special boy. Mameha being Mameha, puts the child through hell. :tears: She is indifferent to his sufferings and constantly challenges him both mentally and physically. Life in the boy's shoes ain't easy. Several times he attempts to run-away. It only worsens his punishments. Still, at the core of Mameha's harsh teachings/rulings are the acts of a motherly figure who wants the boy to endure and thrive. Knowing that the boy dreams of becoming a powerful swordsman like her and wants to fly, Mameha is determined to set him on that path. Even if it costs the female warrior her own life.

I kinda liked the name 'Mameha' a lot, especially when it sounds like 'mama'.
BROFIST by RadiusZero

So.... I know this is super late lol. I had planned to post this way back in Halloween. :p The pumpkin I bought was ridiculously huge (like the width of two adult heads!) and spent a whole day gutting it. I was super excited since this was gonna be the epic Pewdiepie pumpkin I planned to make. :blink: Unfortunately, things didn't work out so well. :( The templated I created (based on a photograph) lacked a solid foundation, causing the face to collapse. Also, because the size of the pumpkin was so huge I had to work on it for 2 days. By the second day the pumpkin's moisture made everything inside 'gooey', meanwhile other parts that had dried shrank in size. In short, it was a giant mess. No, I disagree! 

I actually felt pretty crappy. I get very sentimental with pumpkins lol. They're fragile orange thingies, with only a limited time left in this world (I must've been a hippie in my previous life >_>). I wanted to make that big pumpkin special. But I failed. :| (Blank Stare) Still. I bought another pumpkin and was determined to make another go at it again once I felt better. Because halloween had already passed I was left with only the deformed pumpkin rejects lol. Still this pumpkin (as warped as it was with its stem actually close to its 'butt' lol) turned out to be perfect for me. its 'imperfections' gave me easy access to difficult areas. I redesigned the template to create a strong foundation so I'm super pleased by that. It just goes to show that incredible things can happen with 'imperfect' things.

At last, my Pewdiepumpkin is done. :D Lots of feels and brofists went into this. It's my first pumpkin 'portrait' so I hope it came out all right. It was all an experiment for me in trying to create the illusion of 'shadows' in the design. Apologies for the crappy photo. ;-: I used my dad's phone to photograph it. I did provide two versions (one lit with the lights off and the other with the lights on for better view). Anyway, I've been watching Pewdiepie for over 2 years now and love his Let's Play videos. I wanted to play homage to him this Halloween. Plus I thought the idea of Pewdiepie brofisting Trick-or-Treaters on my porch would've been funny. :rofl: Anyway, here's to many more pleasant years Pewdiepie. :) 

San Japan @_@

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 9:40 PM

San Jappn happens this weekend at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center here in San Antonio, Texas! ^_^ If you're in the area and got nuthin' to do, defintiely come! I'll be setting shop at the F section, table 5 (a corner).

Journal Layout by lockjavv
Drought by RadiusZero
It's been awhile since I've created original work. A very personal piece to me too. I had this concept at the back of my head, just didn't get the chance to finish it until now.

Drought....  For artists, it's a horrible feeling when the act of creativity is suddenly halted, whether by depression or some other force. The mind runs dry, squeezing out whatever it can. The Creator, meanwhile, can only stare at her dying world. Time keeps on ticking and nothing feels bright anymore. Her Crown of Creativity suddenly becomes her torture device.

Blegh. Yea, it's in uncomfortable and dark subject lol, so I'll shut up now. :p Still, this is why my art exists. I like to venture into the dark corners of the human spirit and confront whatever is there. In a world where many prefer to live in ignorant bliss, sometimes it's important to discuss topics like this.

San Japan @_@

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 9:40 PM

San Jappn happens this weekend at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center here in San Antonio, Texas! ^_^ If you're in the area and got nuthin' to do, defintiely come! I'll be setting shop at the F section, table 5 (a corner).

Journal Layout by lockjavv

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